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Tap into your inner tapper

Have you ever watched watched Fred Astaire, or 42nd Street, and thought "I'd love to do that!"

Well, The Zodiac are encouraging you to tap into your inner tapper. How about giving tap a go?

Zodiac members trying tap

With tap numbers in our next two springtime shows , we thought now was a perfect opportunity to entice new and current members into join us for fun beginners and intermediate tap classes.

Taking place over the next three Thursdays, the classes cater for a range of abilities; most of the folks who joined our first session, beginners learnt the below simple tap routine in just twenty minutes!

We have our tap / singing workshops on the next three Tursdays, 7.30pm at Frodsham Methodist Church Hall, Kingsley Rd, Frodsham, WA6 6BA

7.30 - 8.00pm = beginners tap

8.00 - 8.30pm = intermediate tap

8.45 - 9.30pm = singing

Everyone is welcome!

£2 per person.

More sessions may become available.

Come along if you fancy giving tap a go, or if you fancy having a sing along.

Other dates to get involved are: Thurs 6th Sept / Thurs 13th Sept

See you there. Tappity tap!

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