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The Wedding Singer is Fully Cast

The Zodiac is proud and excited to announce that we have a full cast for our upcoming production of The Wedding Singer. We are performing in November 2023 at The Grange Theatre, Hartford.

Our FULL CAST list is below. What a talented group of people we have lined up for you to come and watch.

Robbie Hart – Blair Smith

Julia Sullivan – Kirstin Dunn

Holly – Chloe Pennington

Sammy - Tom Ray

Glen Guglia- Mackauley Reece

George - Tayler Spruce

Grandma Rosie – Kate Walker

Angie – Bev Ross

Linda – Libby Marshall

Featured dancers – Jess Rigby (Dance Captain), Kat Hewish, Jessica Gill, Beth Stratford, Grace Dougall, Tracey Ellams, Iona Anstice

Keep looking at our social announcements coming soon which will give details of how you can purchase tickets before they sell out

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